January BuildHer : Sienna Brown

Here at R-KI-TEKT, we are striving to ensure that we are not only building your arsenal of accessories and lifestyle goods, but that we are harvesting a robust community that knows where to turn when you need a dose of inspiration.

Our extension, The BuildHer Society, aims to do just that.
To say we are excited about launching our monthly feature is a grand understatement. And we are out the gate with a bang. Sienna Brown of Glosshood not only holds the titles of Entrepreneur, Producer, and Artist, she graciously shares golden nuggets of self-preservation and lessons in climbing the beauty ladder that we hope sparks as much motivation in you to leap as it did for us. Enjoy!

We are obsessed with the refreshing presence of Glosshood in the beauty space.  What are you hoping to achieve and/or say in the beauty space that is different from what has been relayed in the past?

I’m also super obsessed with Glosshood. Wild thing for me to say, eh? It’s not just because it’s mine, but because it makes people feel warm. It’s that overwhelming sense of joy that the little version of yourself gets to feel from connecting with a community who has the same cultural (tech, pop culture, entertainment, ) memories as you. To do that has been a dream come true, especially through an effortlessly timeless product like Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid. It’s forever. It’s a lifestyle. It’s Glosshood. *camera fades to black dramatically*  

What I’d like to continue to achieve with Glosshood in the beauty space is unraveling this antiquated system that pushes capitalism to the point of discomfort for those in the community. Nobody wants to be force fed products 24/7. We get it - it’s good, now what? And that question is what we will continue to discover and uncover as time moves on. That’s the true space in which Glosshood lives. 

Congratulations on your recent expansions.  Can you share with us your methods of self-preservation during moments when your workload may seem unbearable?

Thank you!! It’s so wild to imagine the way things are going. I feel so incredibly blessed! My biggest method of self preservation when things get to be unbearable is definitely rest. I love to sleep. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I feel like I can conquer the world after an hour/hour and half nap. It’s like all the BS fades away and my brain stops feeling like it’s going to explode. 

My other go-to method is focusing on staying in the now. This is new for me, but it has caused me to do away with anxiety of future expectations. We only have this moment, so let’s be the best we can in it. This doesn’t mean don’t make plans, but it does mean that we should face each day and moment with the same romanticism that we apply to the future. 


You are so multifaceted and dynamic and I feel like I learn something new about you as a professional daily.  Outside of building your empire, how do you spend your free time? Are there any secret pleasures that bring you an abundance of joy and ease?

I spend my free time doing all of my favorite things which include cooking, sharing music with friends and doing my nails (this was my 2020 quarantine hobby that I got really good at and obsessed with). One thing that I’ve always noticed about myself is that I'm at my absolute best when I’m learning a new skill or practicing something that is not second nature to me. I’m obsessed with learning, so most times I pick a hobby that’s pretty “out there”  and commit to learning that skill. That is truly what brings me joy. My newest hobbies include knitting and learning how to speak French - my goal is to be conversational by the end of the year. Au revoir! *insert Mariah Carey waving bye GIF*

In a world that seems so forcefully filtered, you have maintained a genuine & authentic presence whether it is how you show up personally or through your Glosshood marketing . What does authenticity mean to you?

Authenticity means showing up for yourself in ways that might be shunned by everyone else in society. It’s literally being who you are, despite who everyone else is to you. It’s about being so aligned with your core values that you become unshakeable because you know exactly what you have to offer. 


The past two years have been complicated and treacherous in ways we never could’ve imagined, yet, so many people have had the time and space to prioritize things they couldn’t have in the past. As we begin 2022 and reflection on the year lingers in the mind, do you feel like you've been given your space to thrive in areas of your life that you hadn’t had time for in the past? What has that space meant to you?


1000%. It feels like we were all forced to slow down and turn inward. There’s no doubt about it that sitting with yourself and your thoughts day in and day out can force you to go crazy. I started going nuts and reeled it in and asked myself, “What is something I’ve always wanted to do?” That’s when I started looking at the time as a blessing. Every day I was learning new skills to launch Glosshood in the Fall of 2020. That space changed my life entirely. It changed how I look at time and progress not only in the world, but within myself. 



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