Welcome To The Draft


Hi There! 
It seems as though you've found yourself wanting a bit more... I don't blame you one bit. Sometimes its hard getting to know a new and small business from a caption on Instagram. So we've decided to carve out a space just for that. 
So welcome to The Draft: A space where we hash out ideas, unveil inspiration and directional content, and highlight our community of Builders.
Where are my manners!? (An introduction would be nice huh?) 
I'm Kel! Founder and Lead-Creative of R-KI-TEKT! I've been working steadily for several years to grow this brand and I figured it was time to dedicate a space for the people that I owe so much of the growth to...YOU!! Our Village! You deserve to see how your IG hugs are being turned into fuel to create new and better goods to enjoy. We know you want to see more of how we develop projects, tend to our garden, and harvest our community. 
Yes, that means you'll get to see the mess behind the magic. 
(Currently questioning what I've signed up for! Eeep!)
Alright, Let's Go!