Terra Cotta Planter Pot - Omo
Terra Cotta Planter Pot - Omo

Terra Cotta Planter Pot - Omo

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This Limited Edition hand-painted terra cotta plant pot is just the fun your book shelf, window sill, or side table needed. A 360 design inspired by the people of the Omo River Valley (of Africa). This whimsical pot is perfect for your collection of pens, makeup brushes, and of course it's sure to have all your plant babies leaves beaming!


Each Pot will be similar, not identical due to the hand-painted technique used.

Charger (base) is sold separately.


Terra Cotta is known to patina---this is the natural aging of the material due to exposure to water and sunlight. The exterior of the pot is glazed to extend life of decorative treatment.
Excessive exposure to water and sunlight may cause wearing of paint.

Opening: 5" (diameter l
Height: 4 1/4"
Base: 3 1/2"

HOW TO CARE: Due to the nature of terra cotta, color changes may occur due to contact with soil, water, and/or sunlight. This item is fragile and can sustain chips or cracks if handled carelessly.